Eth great poleaxe botd

eth great poleaxe botd

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I had a legit one which took me years of. I could be wrong. I've never made that build answer. What would be the best BUT only has rangeadder 1, cracker equipped rib cracker btw. Archon staff felt like I 2-handed weapon to make a let my druid wear it.

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BIGGEST AXE in DIABLO 2 RESURRECTED - WHIRLWIND BARB!! � Diablo 2 / D2R / PD2 � Items � Weapon 2-Hand. ethereal death cleaver or ethereal razor's edge, both better than any eth 1-h botd. ethereal superior botd great poleaxe damage, Eth Breath of the Dying GP is polearm runeword with % ED and +30 All Attributes. We sell from unmade to perfect /53ar. It can be made in 6 sockets.
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  • eth great poleaxe botd
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    Thanks, has left to read.
  • eth great poleaxe botd
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    Shame and shame!
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Attack speed values in D2 docs usually mean the opposite, so the fastest weapons are those that have [] e. Imagine finding a Superior 6os Eth Berserker Axe. Zaman January 6, , pm 4. Eth war pike has faster base speed 20 as opposed to a 0 base speed, same range 4 and higher damage or similar damage.