Bitcoin legal tender in arizona

bitcoin legal tender in arizona

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??Arizona Wants to Accept Bitcoin as Legal Tender?!? SB1341
The proposed legislation aims to recognize bitcoin as a legal form of currency in Arizona, allowing it to be used to pay for debts, taxes and. Rogers, a pro-Donald Trump Republican elected to Arizona's senate in , on Tuesday submitted a bill that would make bitcoin legal tender in. One of the proposed bills focuses on making BTC legal tender in the U.S. state. If passed into law, BTC will have the same status as the U.S.
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Hilton Metropole Edgware Rd, London. Permissionless III promises unforgettable panels, killer networking opportunities, and mountains [�]. This thread seems to be full of arm chair lawyers as another comment just told me that there is no gold standard since Arizona can a accept taxes in sheep if they want. Come for the alpha, stay for the fresh air.