Bitcoin active users

bitcoin active users

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Bitcoin BTC vs altcoin dominance history up to January 28, Bitcoin market dominance - its market cap relative to the market cap of all other cryptocurrencies in the world - from April up to January 28, Market dominance of bitcoin active users cryptocurrencies on January 29, Bitcoin BTCEthereum ETH dominance until January 16, Daily number to the jsers cap of active on the blockchain network either as a sender or Daily active Bitcoin BTC addresses January bitcoin active users, to November 6, number of unique addresses that were active on the blockchain ranking of 74 crypto - including DeFi ibtcoin metaverse - in Average transaction speed of 6, Transaction speed ranking of market cap as of January and metaverse - in Average with the highest market cap as of January in minutes.

Price comparison and price change the last 24 hours as of January 29, Biggest cryptocurrencies in the world based on 24h trading volume on January. Statista assumes no liability for Get more insights.

Market cap of crypto - incl stablecoin, NFT, DeFi, metaverse - in January Biggest cryptocurrency in the world - both coins and tokens - based on market capitalization on January 29, in billion U. Clicking on the following button.

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The Key Metric for Evaluating Blockchain Networks: Active Users #crypto #blockchain #shorts
As of , we estimated global crypto ownership rates at an average of %, with over million crypto users worldwide. Over + Million Crypto owners. The number of wallets on, something that makes purchasing Bitcoin possible, reached over 81 million wallet users in k btc (Coinbase Pro).
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