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This post is designed as a handy short cut to help you find your favourite pool’s forum thread, or shop for a new pool. The hashrate is an average based on a pool’s published statistics for the week, unless that pool does not publish round history on API or html, in which case it’s the hashrate when the list was updated. I’ll endeavour to add more pools as I can.

If any miners need more information than appears in the list, post here. If there are any mistakes, pool ops please post or pm me.

Thank you to Meni Rosenfeld, whose Pool summary appears in the post below the current pools list.

Current mining pool listings, 30th August 2012

      Pool    Hashrate,
Fee Pay Tx? Pay stales?
      50BTC    2565    PPS    3%    No Yes
      Bitclockers    280    PPS    8%    No No
      BitcoinPool    95    Prop    No fee    No No     112    Prop    No fee    Yes Yes
      Bitminter     846    PPLNS    No fee    Yes No
      Bitparking     152    PPS    2.5%    No No
      BTCGuild    2223    PPS    5%    No Yes
      BTCmine      59    Slush    No fee    No No    35    PPS    4%    No No    38    Prop    0.5%    No No
      Deepbit Prop    3739    Prop    3%    No Yes
      Deepbit PPS    3739    PPS    10%    No Yes    69    PPLNS    1%    No No
      Eclipse DGM    1831    DGM    No fee    No No
      Eclipse PPS    1831    PPS    5%    No No
      Eligius     307    SMPPS    No fee    No No
      HHTT Pool    3    PPS    2%    No No
      Itzod     222    RSMPPS    No fee    No No
      Maxbtc     273    DGM    No fee    No No
      Mkalinin      28    PPLNS    No fee    No No
      Mt. Red     510    PPS    No fee    No Yes
      Ozcoin DGM     764    DGM    3%    Yes No
      Ozcoin PPS     764    PPS    5%    No No
      P2pool     302    PPLNS    No fee    Yes No
      Polmine    118    SMPPS    1%    No No
      Slush    1576    Slush    2%    No No
      Triplemining      79    PPLNH    No fee    No No

Current proxy mining pool listings, 31st August 2012

Proxy mining pool Reward Method          Fee Pay stales?     PPS          4.8 % Yes
Project X Mining Club

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