A Strategy to take Bitcoin to the next Level — and also $1000+


I have followed bitcoin since the very start, and I think everyone will agree bitcoin has been a fantastic experiment to date.  A great technical system, a great community and great leadership have contributed to something very special.  ie the de facto currency of the Internet.

Back when bitcoin was around 2 cents, I was the first person to predict that it would go parity with the dollar, and people thought that was crazy.  Within a year that milestone was reached and surpassed.


So my next prediction may sound equally shocking.  Bitcoin can go to over $1000.

I know not everyone is focused on price, but I believe there is a strong reason, a metric and a strategy to achieve this


The reason I think this is the case is one simple idea.  Brand Value.

Looking at the largest brands on the net we see valuations of 50bn to 100bn USD.  If you consider google, a search engine, can have a brand value of over 100 bn.  Why should bitcoin the brand not aim for the same value, usefulness, mystique and mind share?

100bn / 20m coins = would give a unit price of $5000 per bitcoin.  Perhaps growing the btc brand to a google is ambitious, so I’ll go for a conservative $1000 per.

Can we make a universal currency for humanity better than a search engine?  Yes we can!


Keep growing the brand.  Above all be good bitcoin citizens and generate trust.  Make bitcoin an honest currency and an exciting currency.

Innovate, fascinate, grow and support the community.  Market.  In short, keep doing everything you’re doing now.

People will try and knock and disrupt BTC, but dont become bound to the negative energy.

Importantly, Keep growing the original bitcoin brand rather than become divided and conquered.  When the time is right, more bitcoin variants will spring up, but it must be part of a big trust eco system.  Bitcoin is the Galactica, other currencies can be the Colonial Fleet.

Master the regulatory hurdles that occur in individual geographical constituencies.  Be understanding to century old laws, and social structure, yet show the path to modernization.  Show how bitcoin can also be a force for social good.


Firstly, I’d like to thank an awesome community for doing something very special.

Bitcoin has had an explosive start.  I think it’s in an awesome position to keep consolodating.  Whether you’re in it for profit or to be part of it, be a good community citizen and your own success will follow.

Bitcoin is on a trajectory to reach $1000 if we keep doing the things we do well.  And more importantly, well positioned to make a more exciting, and better world!  KUTGW!


About Patrick

I am a Bitcoin consultant. My background is in information technology engineering, manufacturing, sales & marketing, and communications.
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